This month’s episode of Bøne Marrow features an hour of intense dance music exploring the rave side of techno with fast paced throbbing kicks and synths incorporating influences from the bleak, noisy sound and aesthetics of early industrial music.

Bønehead – low frequency øscillator [Bøne.FM]
Jumme Khan – Intoxication [Amarrass Records]
Masrani – Growling Hunter [Filth Inc.]
Kiss Nuka – Serpentine [Independent]
Konjunction – Silence Of Slavery (Break Kick Mix) [Fluctuat Records]
Buzzi – Long Wave (Xiorro’s godless Raver mix) [Gomboc Records]
Vendex – Holy Crucifixion (DICA Remix) [Fluctuat Records]
Burden – Guilt Creeps Hooded [Pls.Uk]
Draugr – Traitor [Independent]
Joey M – Rack In [Fluctuat Records]
Code Walk – Clock [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Teychee – Give Me [Fluctuat Records]
EAS – Elected Pain [Clergy]
Draugr – Dirty [Independent]
Nene H – Beast (Hadone Remix) [POSSESSION]
Desire – There’s Something About This Beat [Radiant Records]
Linn Elisabet – That Loyal [ARTS]