It was in design school that Rahul Khurana, aka Wtf.$milez, was first introduced to FL studio. This moment marked the beginning of his musical journey, which would eventually lead him to become a dynamic force in the underground music scene of Goa, India. Over the past four years, Wtf.$milez has honed his skills in music production, DJing, and mixing, with a comprehensive knowledge of various genres. What truly sets him apart, however, is his passion for collaborating with local artists. Through his work with Underground Radio, an organization he co-founded, Wtf.$milez has organized several music and art events that have empowered local artists and encouraged exploration of new genres and sounds. From a 12-hour long music and art carnival with 5 stages to a series of events titled ‘Bass Garage’, Wtf.$milez has brought people together through his love of music. With his multi-talented abilities as a record producer, DJ, and visual artist, he’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and creating a new wave of sounds that captivate and inspire.

Dedy Dread & DJ Rebel – Criss & Shine ft. Delhi Sultanate [Cast-A-Blast]
Delhi Sultanate – Scalp Dem ft. Seedhe Maut [Azadi Records]
Ahmer x Delhi Sultanate – Zor [Azadi Records]
Seedhe Maut – Namastute (Hisab Flip) [Independent]
Umair – Why you mad w/ sultan & Wali Aleem [Independent]
KRMA – Confessions [Independent]
great dane – 75% Alcohol (Robu & golden child Remix) [ADBC Records]
Insowmya – Klangcity [Partica Artist Group]
Nkshtra – Andu Jam [Welupt Records]
Ezzyland & 3bhk – I don’t sleep [Independent]
Baajewala – Moh [Independent]
Hamshyre – Saint [Independent]
NDS – Jaipur [Independent]
PAV4N – ALL ON BLACK (Fixate’s ’98 Spesh)[4NC¥]
UKato- Delhi Shuffler (dilliboy flip) [Independent]
Hanumankind – DAMNSON (MALIK X Wali Aleem D’n’b Flip) [Independent]
Chaar Diwaari & MC Kode – Aankh Band (Norbu Remix) [Independent]
Hypho x Ternion Sound x PAV4N x Strategy – Relentless [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
flux vortex – Infinity (feat. Sanyas I) [Independent]
Miredo – Depression [Independent]
Smitt & wessn – Self hate [Purple Wav Records]
Dilliboy – Piece of mind [Independent]
Kriday – Winter [Independent]