Do you think we live in the end times? Are you feeling morbid? Do you ever think about borders? Are you playing with knives or ever thinking about how finite everything is?

If the answer to any of the questions is positive, then listen to this show with something refreshing on your hands!

PiL – Being Stupid Again, End Of World (Aug 2023, Label: PiL Official)

Blu Anxxiety – Macabre, Morbid Now Morbid Later (Aug 2023, Label: Toxic State Records)

Twilight Sequence – Birds in General: and The Rook, Debut album: Outline of Nature (Aug 2023, Label: Castles in Space)

Film School – Baby, Field (Aug 2023, Label: Felte)

The Cold Field – Quiet on the Border, – (Aug 2023, Self-released)

Noromakina – Dopamine, – (Aug 2023, Label: Cold Transmission Music)

Epitafio y el Anima – Ixtab, Debut: First EP (Aug 2023, Label: InClub Records)

Abu Nein – Kissing the Glove, II (Aug 2023, Label: Progress Productions)

Vlimmer – Flurfall, Zersch​ö​pfung (Aug 2023, Label: Blackjack Illvminist Rerords)

Bestial Mouths – The Knife, R.O.T.T. (Aug 2023, Label: Negative Gain Productions)

Military Position – You Don’t Define Me, Nothing Lasts Forever (Aug 2023, Label: aufnahme + wiedergabe)

Urfaust – Vernichtung, Untergang (Aug 2023, Label: Ván)

The Underground Youth – Finite as it is, Nostalgia’s Glass (Aug 2023, Label: Fuzz Club Records)

VEiiLA – Can’t Forgive Myself, EP: Cant’ Forgive Myself (Aug 2023, Self-released )

Odd Nosdam – End Is Important, EP: End Is Important (Aug 2023, Label: Where To Now? Records)