Fresh episode of Bøne Appetit! featuring Sawshank, the inner demon of Shashank Chauhan brings a fresh and unique blend of genres into Techno & EDM. As an unstoppable producer, he continues to introduce vivid energetic tunes for his listeners. Having just released his debut EP for Bøne.FM he’s on the airwaves spinning some hard groove & bouncy techno.

Altinbas – Encounter [Observer Station]
CULT – Go Get It [ASW]
RLK18 – Aviv [BCCO]
Westcode – Pleasure and Business [Independent]
Klint- Empire [BCCO]
Westcode – Sierras Mias [Sinestesia]
KYRMS – Grooves and Shit [BCCO]
Warnung – Tool [AKRONYM]
Ⲷ ꓘ ꓗ 𐊍 – I Know The School [Independent]
Dying & Barakat – Time To Expand [Knotweed Records]
Acutek – Combat Conditions [Flick]
100% Of Dissin’ You (West Code Re-Groovin) [Independent]
Chl​ä​r – She Can’t keep Going [BCCO]
Peder Mannerfelt – Enter Reoccurring Disparity (Tommy Holohan Remix) [Haven Records]
HERS – Chez Damier – Can You Feel It (HERS 6Am Mix Edit) [Independent]
Alec Dienaar -Out of Print (Chl​ä​r Remix) [Deadline Records]