A fresh mix of dub, electronica, jazz and some other messed up sounds and samples which is a bit of an eclectic trip, but hey, that’s why the mix is called Get Over It.

Nihiloxica – Interrogation / Welcome
Matmos – Good Morning Electronics / Music Or Noise?
PJ Harvey – The Glorious Land
Tricky – Overcome (Acapella, Rough Monitor Mix)
Full Bloom – Schwabylon Dub
Cerys Hafana – The Wife of Usher’s Well
Highway One – Road Spark
Goat – Tripping In The Graveyard
Urgula – Reefer Sleep
Keiran Morr – Erroneous
Underworld – Denver Luna
Shackleton – Wrecking Ball
Bastien Keb – The World Slowed
Tokedashita Galasubako – Anmari Fukasugite (Far Too Deep)
Hiroki Tamaki – Kawa (River)