We are delighted to warmly welcome back Ben ‘Jack your Body’ Robinson with a new series of Play Therapy. This a different beast, something between ancient Scotland and futuristic Europe. Enjoy!

Cut Hands – Witness The Birth Of A Dream (Susan Lawly, 2021)

Shinra Knives – spook knowledge (Already Dead, 2022)

Mirage – Just One More Chance (Metronome, 1985)

Emma DJ –  Whip It Until Guihome (L.I.E.S., 2022)

Censor trailer (Prano Bailey-Bond, 2021)

Hidden In Treetops – The First Days (Wool-E Tapes, 2013)

Purient – Lose (Burning Rose, 2018)

Tadd Mullinix – Skein (Bopside, 2016)

Women Of The SS – Az Kiss A Woman (Inner-X-Musick, 1985)

Les Vampyrettes – Menetekel (Self-released, 1980)

Ron Morelli – New Dialect (Hospital Productions, 2015)

Overloper – Door een Vlies van Slaap en Tranen (Jericho One, 2018)

Cosmic Dream Club – Hollow Meanings (Per Musica Ad Astra, 2019)

Daniel Lentz – Solar Cadence (Cold Blue, 1981)