Grateful to have started off early, the last 8 years have been an experimental landscape for Maddeof in terms of finding & refining his sound along the way. Dabbling into different types of music production, audio engineering & DJing has made it so much more than just a basement dream for him. He now approaches music in a much more free sense, trying to shy away from the norm of constantly worrying about regular releases & streams, prioritising quality & longevity of music I put out coupled with building networks helping him in all sectors of music. Having taken on audio engineering as his freelance work along with DJing still allows him to be immersed in the culture & landscape of music as a whole constantly.


Tom VR t. Louf – Lampshade (All My Thoughts)
Overmono – Daisy Chain (Poly Kicks)
FaltyDL – Going West (Air Texture)
kuniyuki – Newwave Project 2 (Call super mix) (Independent)
_tillus – 14 Joints in a spaceship (Independent)
B0n – Lobster (Galanding)
Max J – Rencard (Pressology Publishing)
An4log & Subf – lmago (Kootz Music)
An4log & Subf – Inteligencia Artificial (Kootz Music)
Michael Rosa – Intentions (Deep down underground)
Dan Garcia – Provider (Deep down underground)
Foreach – Rainy Day (Independent)
Lucien Jack – The Undertaker’s Revenge (Deep down underground)
Mood Pattern – Dessiva (Deep down underground)
An4log – No Hay Nada (Independent)
Two Shell – Heart Piece (Livity Sound Recordings)
Konduku – Kis Uykusu (Nous’klaer audio)
Dream Cycle – Sensa (Sneaker Social club)
Silvestre – Paying The Rent (Secretsundaze)
Tom Vernon – Amber Fade (Shall not fade LTD)