Three hours of music curated by the artist Peter Liversidge featuring Low, Sarah Davachi, SUNN O))), Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Mogwai and Daniel Johnston.

Ai Aso – Itsumo
Sarah Davachi – For Organ
Kelly James Wyse – Lunar Hymn
Loscil – Bush Five
Loscil – Water Parrot
Mary Lattimore – Hold Your Breath
Stephen O’Malley – Cylene Suisse redux edited by Ryoji Ikeda
Okkyung Lee – Here We Are (Once Again)
Michael Muller – Mirror 5
Michael Muller -Mirror 9
Sarah Davachi – The Pelican
Michael Muller – Mirror 4
Joan Jeanrenaud – Axis
SUNN O))) – Kingdoms (G)
Franz Schubert
Winter Journey, D. 911! The Inn
Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No, I Got Life
Diana Dors – So Little Time
Bacon Lamar Lunsford – I wish I was A Mole In The Ground
Arthur Russell – Answers Me
Tim Hardin – How Can We Hold Onto a Dream
Smog – I Could Drive Forever
Craig Leon – Three Small Coins
Julia Kent – Elmas
Hans Otte – Das Buch Der Klänge – Part 1
Peter Davis; Neil Cox: Lancing College Choir – Arvo Pärt; Triodion – Ode 2
Sarah Rothenberg – Satie: Gnossienne #1
Boxhead Ensemble – Coastal Boarder
Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Wolf Among Wolves
Songs: Ohia – Crab Orchard
Mogwai – Rollerball
Low – Be There
Daniel Johnston – I lose
His Name Is Alive – My Thoughts Are To Thee Drawn
Brian McBride – Latent Sonata
Low/Dirty Three – I Hear…Goodnight.