“This is this recorded. 30 minutes approx of what. In live could sound like. Send money to buy modular synth. Send money for retire. I would beg in street but own no dog. Am Clean. Am human. ANENCE Fractal @ This plateau for you. Find the real you.”

“Cumsleg Borenail, a British Isle person approaching the tipping point of middle age, produces what can be described as music and beyond. There is a sincere hope that someone will listen in passing, become inspired and this life altering experience will somehow allow Cumsleg a mention over the Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero or Muffin Break outlet they are confined to. A line in their ‘will and testament’ is also acceptable. Inspired by Warp Records, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Current93, 4AD and the crushing ambience of modern life. This segues into the work as homage, theft and inspiration but never copyright infringement. The jangly guitar, synth manoeuvres, vocally chopped mangling, angelic singing and bipolar is distinctly Cumsleg’s to pour out into digital format. Admittedly Cumsleg Borenail uses and abuses all in-the-box technology. 160bpm to start and work back to something wonderful from there. He has also been on Radio 6 once,but appeared in the queue at Tescos and ASDAs on numerous occasions.”