Richard Youngs returns with an exploration of fidelity and it’s not all Hi-Fi! Features The Fall, Iggy and Stooges, Taming Power, Neil Campbell and the Blue Nile.

Iggy and the Stooges: Search and Destroy from Raw Power LP (on CBS)

Robert Martin: The Third Time from Long Goodbye LP (on Yik Yak)

The Fall: Spectre vs. Rector from Dragnet LP (on Step Forward Records)

Taming Power: 31-10-97 from Selected Works 1995 – 97 LP (on Early Morning Records)

Neil Campbell: Perimeter Ghost Bloom 10″ (excerpt) (on no label)

Unknown: Chemirocha from Love Is Love LP (on Mississippi Records)

Neu!: Super 78 from Neu! 2 LP (on Grönland Records)

Trevor Wishart: Musical Box from Beach Singularity/Menagerie LP (on York Electronic Studios)

Nelson Gastaldi: Movement 3 from Symphony No. 3 LP (on Roaratorio)

Hasil Adkins: When I Saw You Last Night from Moon over Madison LP (on Norton Records)

Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos: Rain from Xpressway Pile-up LP (on Avalanche Records)

The Blue Nile: Tinseltown in the Rain from A Walk Across the Rooftops LP (on Linn Records)