New High Jinks episode is mixed bag of ambience and ‘feral weirdness’ including Saffronkeira, Blessed are the Hearts that Bend, Tunes Of Negation, Tim Hecker, Demdike Stare and Emptyset.

Saffronkeira – Chtonian (feat. Mia Zabelka), Synecdoche (Denovali Records, 2015)

Tim Hecker – Across To Anoyo, Konoyo (Kranky, 2018)

Blessed are the Hearts that Bend – Glacier Part 2, The limitless sweet love of precious suffering (via Bandcamp, 2020)

Tunes Of Negation – Nowhere Ending Sky, Reach The Endless Sea (Cosmo Rhythmatic, 2019)

Demdike Stare ‎– Falling off the Edge, Elemental Part Three: Rose 7 (Modern Love, 2012)

Emptyset – Collapse, Collapsed (Raster-Noton, 2012)