Warm welcome to CAAD ambassador Emma, who brings her messy, enthusiastic, irreverent music show to Tak Tent for the first time. Never trust a press release.

Linsey Pollak – Caerulea Rule Eh!

KOKOKO! – Buka Dansa

Mchy i Porosty – Wodzirej

Akane Hosaka – 雪ノ坊ヤ

Eumig – Closed Circuit Television

Nonconnah – Spiral Galaxies

DAT Politics – Trance Mission Japan

Arma Agharta – Little life – big dreams

MOLPÉ – L’homme du lac

Zherbin – smeh

Agnes Heginger & Karlheinz Essl – Vöglein

The Invisible Hands – Eyes in the back of your Head

Warm Boys – Witch

Star Family – A Spinny Spur

Lee Ashcroft with C. Nye – Untitled

Rev Simpkins – Prayers For Rain

Loula Yorke – Eat Out To Help Out m1.2


David Colohan – Walking Ghost Phase IV

Lani Lou – Russian Winter

Chris Lott – Goran’s Abode

Saina – Un homme

Unwoman – Blight

NegaRen – Goin’ Under

Petridisch – Exit

Om-lit – Reptiles

The Peryls – Traitor’s Tale

Cambodian Cassette Archive – Uncredited Track