Emma is back and homeschoolin’ you with these divinely underheard slices of sound.

City dragon – Homeric cheeses 3
Cassilda and Carcosa – The Repairer of Reputations
Stuck Sunsets – St Therese’s Body
Cote d’Ivoire – Music of a guardian spirit
USRNM – In Neat Lines
DJ Finale – Tututoto Ngroungrou
Brain Tentacles – Fruitcake
Pup Tentacle – Tree Sky
Manuella Blackburn – Switched On
Andrew Sharpley & Rex Casswell – whitebait – fish grunts type B – unidentified biological noise
Victor Herrero – Notas de Voz
Troy Date – The UpsideDown
Greanvine – Blank Like Snow
Polichinelle – Dans ma Poitrine
Pat Moonchy – CONCREDRO
Carnivorous Plants – Autumn Skin
Svankropp – Material Boys
Flying Pyjamas – Brain For Dinner
Greg Nieuwsma – Where The Restless Balloon Animals Float
Agongo – I am suffering
Ben Varian – Wouldn’t It Be Nice
John Callaghan – Let The Path Grow Over
Chozen G – Know Me
Mark Aubert – Overtime-You & I
Tarme Til Alle – God in Your Mild Hands
Mariam Rezaei – FLESH ft. Tony Bevan
Dim Wit – Inline Skating
Alice Hubble – We Are Still Alone (Roman Angelos Theme 1)
The Tumbledryer Babies – Song Written By Me At 14
Woelv – Deux Coqs
Plain Jane Superbrain – For Some The Stars Are Our Guides