Bit of first footin’ from High Jinks featuring Rhodri Davies, Simon Fischer Turner, some new releases from Mansur and Marianne Dissard and exclusive first play from SAD MAN.

Rhodri Davies ‎– Gorchan Sali, Telyn Rawn (AMGEN, 2020)
Lamin Fofana – And All the Birds Sing Bass, Blues (self-release Bandcamp, 2020)
Simon Fisher Turner – Hope Swims, Giraffe (Editions Mego, 2017)
Mansur – Logos, Karma (Denovali Records, 2020)
Sheer Zed – Falling Back (Drop RMX), Kaleidomission Debriefing – The Sheer Zed Spacelab Remixes (HREA’M Recordings, 2020)
SAD MAN – Mugstar, Music of Dreams and Panic (Wormhole World, 2021)
Dead Meat – T H R E S H – The Clearing Turns to Clot, The End of Their World is Coming! (Bandcamp, 2020)
Marianne Dissard – COME ON, LET’S GO! (Bandcamp, 2021)