It’s Emma’s lockdown birthday party and you’re all invited! It’s a feel good episode full of serious grooves. And cake. So much cake.

Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake
Manu Louis – It’s My Birthday
DJ Lewis – Grippe Aviaire
Rico – Escambo
Ljudit Andersson – Party roulette
X.Y.R. – Cocktail Party
Zack Dolin – Glass Bottom Pleasure Barge
Disco Sam – Party Liner
Primo – Present
BIRTHDAYS – Biggie Shorty
Plantman – Baby,I’m a Dinosaur(4trk)
Mr Diagonal’s Midlife Crisis – Glad to be a Freak @ 40
Sim Sisamouth – Don’t Let My Girlfriend Tickle Me
G-DARIA – Heartsifter
Fumaca Preta – Tire Sua Mascara
HYPERWUMP™ – Metal Submarine Music
Flavigula – Cake Eater
Hubert Heathertoes Napiórski – Next Birthday [excerpt]
Looper – Play The One I Like
Les Baxter – Sea Nymph
Five Or Six – The Building Kind
Tropical Interface – Plant recovery
JapGaf – Ebaghætte
C u r s u s – Kist
Isnaj Dui – Dean Clough
Shirley Collins – Locked In Ice
The Door & The Window – Number One Entertainer
Dan Wilson and The Counterfactuals – Ye Olde Night Out
Chicaloyoh – Des mains fermant des bouches
French Radio Constellation – If The Internet Got Wet
USRNM – Moodplus