Wasps, paternal punks, leaky ceilings, throat singing, actual tunes, wonky timing, a terrible segue and a musical saw.

Sha-Sha Boy – Shashalaza K.E.

Fightin’ Mooses – The Musical Satyr

Grimm Grimm – Behold A Pale Horse

Joucous – Ralgob Grulurgin

Chrissie – Jasmine

Dva – A major for 12 frogs

Lezet – Icicles-Original

A.RA – sgn o’ th tms

Beat~Sereia – MORRO feat. Damarys Benavides HEFZI-BA

Auspicious Family & Laure Boer – Wayward Symmetry

Tomek Chołoniewski – Untitled

Tomoko Sauvage – Mylapore

Buffet Lunch – Ten Times

Rebecca Gillieron – Don’t Cry

Esmerine – Mados

Gut Fauna – Cancelling the Sunset

Casper Hernández Cordes – Strawprovisation

The Get – They Don’t Play Songs Like Ours on the Radio

Sun Glitters featuring Sara – With a Taxi through the mountains

Robert Cole Rizzi – Wasps

Expose Your Eyes – Sun God

Women Sally Child – Sunstreet Song

Kiiltomatolyhty – Kukkulalta kultalintu

Grahzzy – Rain Walk

Chick White – Metal Desk

Caring Babies – New Jersey

Guttersnipe – God’s Will to Gain Access