Once again traveller and shaman of the global sound lanes Sheer Zed gratefully takes off his audio backpack and rests his weary noggin at Tak Tent Radio base camp for a hot cuppa with one teaspoon of honey and a nice friendly chin wag.

Since his debut here in November last year and initial foray into the realm of sound art mixing Sheer Zed has dug even deeper into his voluminous archive for more transdimensional vibration inspirations. All manner of field recordings, clips and SFX feature in this his first sound art mix of 2021; lush Northern Thailand countryside and jungles, long-lost late-night pirate radio broadcast fragments, reverb responses from abandoned listening stations, fractured half-forgotten acoustic experiments, wild flailing brutalism from musty rusty old British and German junkyards, twisted analogue electronics and vast epic heaven based ambient textures and drones.

Currently Sheer Zed has articles in volume 2 issue 1 and issue 3 of 4 Summer 2020 of Rituals and Declarations zine, a new album on his Bandcamp page called Unalome and an audio contribution to Simon Tucker’s ‘And In The End…Help Musicians UK Charity Compilation’.

Rest ye here a while in quiet contemplative listening meditation.

Now available for download (name your price) from Bandcamp https://sheerzed.bandcamp.com/track/sheer-zeds-tak-tent-radio-sound-art-mix-february-2021.