We are delighted to present Richard Youngs’ debut show on Tak Tent. Richard plays a selection purely a cappella tracks from a diverse range of musicians including Lizzie Higgins, Robert Wyatt, Peter Broderick and Furious Pig. There is some wonderful music here, some challenging, some meditative.

If you would like to find out more about Richard’s work, you can watch, listen, read and indeed shop at his website www.nofansrecords.com.

John Cage: Experience No. 2 (words: EE Cummings, performed by Robert Wyatt) (from Jan Steele/John Cage: Voices and Instruments, Obscure Records)

L. Boutchoukouri, V. Kaikhosro, G. and V. Tetounachvili, I Emilianovi, E. Zerekidze, A. Sourachvili, B. Samaghachvili, I. Beridze: Namgalo (from Georgie, Chants de travail, Ocora)

Peter Broderick: One Hear Now (self-released)

Abbot Alexios and the community of the Xenophontos Monastery on the Holy Mountain of Athos (from Easter on Mount Athos, Archiv Produktion)

Lizzie Higgins: MacDonald of Glencoe (from Lizzie Higgins: Up and awa’ wi’ the Laverock, Topic Records)

Demetrio Stratos: Le Sirene (from Demetrio Stratos; Cantere la Voce, Cramps Records)

Calum Ruadh: Composition (Extract) (from: Scottish Tradition 7: Calum Ruadh, Bard of Skye, Tangent Records)

Gyorgy Ligeti: Night (performed by the Swedish Radio Choir, director Eric Ericson) (from Voices for Today, EMI Records)

Anonymous: Joik de la foret (from Musique Folklorique du Monde, Grand Nord, Musidisc)

Furious Pig: I Don’t Like Your Face (from Furious Pig, Rough Trade Records)

The Chorus of Monks from the Abbey of Encalcat: Sanctus IX (from Gregorian Chants, Westminster Gold)

Communaute Yemenite: Rahmanah (from Israel: Traditions Liturgiques des Communautes Juives 1 Les Jours du Kippour, Ocora)

Alasdair Graham and Congregation:  Martyrs, Psalm 79 vv 3 & 4 (from Scottish Tradition 6, Gaelic Psalms from Lewis, Tangent Records)