This week’s show is a slowly unravelling fever dream involving Myanmar, Geri Halliwell, cats on the face, sentient microbes, monsters, and an exclusive guest mix from the one and only TOXIC CHICKEN. Hold on tight.

St James Infirmary + Damselfly – Boar’s Head Waltz (Lewes horns mix)

Darren j Holloway – The Dreamer’s Haze

Tidiane Thiam – N’Dianguene Demngal Men

Sven Wunder – Snowdrops

Sibilla – Long Old Road

Fern – Low Pressure Wave

DJ Sydney – Mistura Fina

Livebatts! (John White, MJ Coldiron, Andrea Rocca) – Waldesrauschen [excerpt]

Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Waking Up With A Cat On My Face

Rex Merkin – Take your medication

Mono’ono – donatan farschmachillo

toxic chicken – why dont you dance

Gumbel – Fortsetzung Folgt

Laura Hills – Insider

c4 – inner visions

Les Freres Courvoisier – Why Does Everybody (Move)

tujuh kuda – Timun & beansprouts

Mono’ono – woopy doopy

Furchick – Lullaby

Francesca Heart – Lanassa Alga Miraggio

Alex Spalding – London Sounds

Alex Spalding – 06 Barks and Recreation

Ola Bauriman – I Still Want to Kill You


Carya Amara – Hillside Shack

Constance – You Can’t Handle This

Communista Como Hijo – Disko 5000

Maryanne Amacher – Synaptic Island [Excerpt from Tower Metals, FEED2 and Mue Orchestra]

Rita Braga – Love is Noir

Paula Garcia Stone – Comfort

The Doll – Jing

samarobryn – Ferocious Beast

Cool Person – Hands Pile Up

Chief Kooffreh – She Will Cut Your Balls Off Big Guy Stop The Abuse Of Women

Pettaluck – Falcon Chords

Petridisch – Heavy Chicken

Holly Herndon – Extreme Love (with Lily Anna Hayes and Jenna Sutela)

FROM – Color Break

Ergo Phizmiz – Look At Me Hubert (Being Geri Halliwell)

Hanna and Kerttu – December

Neo Geodesia – Fanta Rouge

Etrusco Unico – Clicks

Afraaz Mulji – 2 chords yeah

Eijra Woon – Kaczynski Doz

Algis Fediajevas – Pėdsakai lede

Tim Parkinson – Here Comes A Monster