Enjoy a wander through Shcreek’s bargain basement bin, taking in tunes from Lee Gamble, Sofia Kourtesis, Richard Youngs and Alex Neilson and Henry Flint.

Lovely Lovely.

Lee Gamble – CREAM [from Exhaust (2019); Hyperdub]
Portable Rock – Picnic (alternate) [from Beginnings (1990); Solid Records]
The Beach Boys – All I Wanna Do [from Sunflower (1970); Reprise Records]
Richard Youngs & Alex Neilson – Kickin’ Thru Glass [from Electric Lotus (2018); VHF]
Henry Flynt – Violin Strobe [from Hillbilly Tape Music; Recorded(?)]
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society – St. Cloud [Simultonality (2017); Eremite Records]
Hiroshi Sato – Akanegumo-No Machi [from Time (1977); Wave Concept/Nippon Columbia]
Unknown Artist – Ing Ing [from Street Musicians of Yogyakarta (2010); Mississippi Records]
Tomutonttu – Lautta Lahtee [from Elävänä Planeetalla (2011); New Images]
Sofia Kourtesis – Lana Gaye [from Sofia Kourtesis (2019); Studio Barnhus]
(excerpt from) Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim – Dream Request, Part 1 [from Dream Request (2011); Bo’Weavil Recordings]
Carl Stone – Figli [from Stolen Car (2020); Unseen Worlds]