“My mate David Howcroft likes to listen to his bootleg recordings of Sunken Paths shows on his personal cassette player whilst walking the lonnens of his Northumberland stomping grounds during his daily COVID-19-freindly exercise sessions, dictaphone in hand and making field recordings as he goes. I suppose I go on similar treks in my head when I’m in the mix, though not bound by the physical constraints of any given  topography. I’m certain too that David goes to places other than the ones his feet traverse, music will do that for you. That the creations from these wonderful artists of sound sets us on and carries us through these journeys, literal and metaphorical, is one of the few things keeping me sane (or just about, anyway). Wherever this mix takes you, I hope you find the experience to your liking and come back again sometime. You are always welcome.” Darren

  1. Expose Your Eyes & Howard Stelzer – One Should Never Cease Considering Human Love, Which Remains as Grisly and Golden as Ever (Oxidation) https://oxidation.bandcamp.com/
  2. The Heartwood Institute & Hawksmoor – Rainstorm – Burning Car (Spun Out Of Control) https://spunoutofcontrol.bandcamp.com
  3. Fordell Research Unit – The Redness and the Horror (Anticipating Nowhere) https://anticipatingnowhere.bandcamp.com
  4. Camp of Wolves – Spirit Realms (Woodford Halse) https://woodfordhalse.bandcamp.com
  5. J. G. Sparks – Lagrangian Points Of View (Wormhole World) https://wormholeworld.bandcamp.com
  6. Quiet Clapping – Arctic (Hrea’m Recordings) https://hream.bandcamp.com
  7. Wiosna97 – Everything Will Be Okay (<1) https://lessthanone.bandcamp.com
  8. Rupert Lally – My Place In All Of This (Third Kind Records) https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com
  9. The Psychic Circle – The Humble Acolyte (Library of the Occult) https://libraryoftheoccult.bandcamp.com