New music from LTO, Christine Ott, Rob St John, Astral Social Club, Dogs versus Shadows and Simon Klee, Haq, SAD MAN and Dalhous. The Haq track is from “Mark Barton’s The Sunday Experience” compilation on Edinburgh’s Bearsuit Records – a kind of celebration of the work of writer/music reviewer, Mark Barton who, sadly, died last year. All proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

LTO – Derwyddon, Daear (Denovali, 2021)

Christine Ott – Time to Die, Time to Die (Gizeh, 2021)

Rob St John – Surface Tension Side A, Surface Tension (Blackford Hill, 2021)

Astral Social Club – Simple Mind Module, Space Draft Extended Play (Self-released, 2021)

Dogs versus Shadows & Simon Klee – Butterfly Swarm, Music for Nature Documentaries (Subexotic Records, 2021)

Haq – Antics In A Maze, Mark Barton’s The Sunday Experience (Bearsuit Records, 2021)

SAD MAN – Iowa Scuba, The Man from S.A.D. (Self-released, 2021)

Dalhous – Phantasies From The Schema, The Composite Moods Collection Vol.2 Point Blank Range (Denovali, 2021)