More Format Madness from Richard Youngs! All 7s this time; featuring The Human League, Kingsmen, Shop Assistants, Taming Power, Half Japanese and Blondie. This is the last of Richard’s regular fortnightly shows for Tak Tent. So this one comes with a doff of the cap and a big, sincere thank you.

The Human League: Being Boiled (on Fast Product)

Mark Tucker & ‘Beach’: Sultry Summer Siren/More Than Just Friends (on Tetrapod Spools)

Kingsmen: Louie Louie (on Brunswick)

The Dead C: Bone (on Siltbreeze)

KS & The Mystery Jet Set: Exotic Emotions (on Knockback Music)

Shop Assistants: Somewhere in China (on 53rd & 3rd)

Hans Reichel: Variations on Jay (on Table of the Elements)

Rudolph Grey: Implosion – 73 (on New Alliance Records)

Komitas: Blow Winds (Khatchik Pilikian: tenor, Michel Cheskinof: piano) (on Poetika Records)

Taming Power: Fragments of the Name of God (Side B) (on Early Morning Records)

Half Japanese: Calling All Girls (on X.X.O.O.)

Alastair Galbraith: As In A Blender (on Siltbreeze)

The Dust Breeders: I’m Psycho 4 Yur Love (on RRRecords)

The Drills: No More Beer (on Dirty Knobby)

Blondie: Union City Blue