Emma celebrates the joy of running and mourns the loss of The Railway Hotel, the premier gig venue and the former heart of Southend’s alternative community.

Bonnie Kane – Deep Noise Breathing

Pinnel – Bristlemouth

Pete Um – Two Person Escort

Ergo Phizmiz – Elmyr

Ensemble de Cadavres Exquis – March of the Jackanapes

Kate Halsall – 2 Steep 4 Sheep (some hills are)

Orchestra of Spheres – Gonelan

Toxic Chicken – Little Bit Of Acid

Cacero Lazo – Preverberate

The German Ocean – Abaddon & I

Montague Armstrong – Twinned With Ellerhoop

Railway Irregulars Tribute:

Kommissar Hjuler, Mama Bar, Ninni Morgia, Silvia Kastel – Jericho Pt. 1

Umez – Fantasmagoria

The Lovely Eggs – If You Were Fruit

The Tumbledryer Babies – Somebody Else

Candy Panic Attack – Operator

Little Penguin – Multiburst

Greanvine – Down in Yon Forest

The Bobby McGee’s – L.O.V.E– A Masonic Youth

Kostoglotov – Freakshow On Rollerblades

Kemper Norton – Unrequited 47

Maria and the Gay – I was Only Passing By

Gum Takes Tooth – No Walls, No Air

Breakneck Static – Puzzle

Ste Mccabe – Bargains Galore!

Thomas Truax – January Egg Race Dream

Za Ginipiggu – Natural Selection (I-VII-VI) (extract)

Rita Braga – Human Failure

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