All tunes and non-tunes this week as Emma has lost her voice, a fantastic melange of international soundwaves with no chatter.

3xOJ – Stasix

Francesca Heart – Passaggio Corrente Spirale (o come transformare una stella in diamante)

Sleeper and Snake – Flats Falling

Reagan – Nancy’s Astrology Diaries

Gaze Is Ghost – Wild Geese

Conatus – Central colour cycle

Facing the Ocean – Pen Caer

Adrians Grīns – Par neko

Andy Loebs – Seven Light Values (Suite)

Colugo – Moths And Sloths

Neo Zelanda – Francés Básico

Alma – Jimia

Iglooghost, Kai Whiston & BABii – Maü Shit

Ismail Mohammed Khoureissan, Mansour el Qasaba – Hakfat (extract)

Jaime Munarriz – No Nemo Dream

LeeDVD – La Isla Bonita

Les Filles de Illighadad – Jori

Liber Viridios – Worship of the Cave in nocturnal lust II

Li Yilei -Secondary Self

Milky Genes – Cooperate man

Antoine Loyer & Mégalodons malades – Joël le churro-‘saucisse gay.

Numéro 1 – Himalaya

Practice Good Practice – Sketch for a Flapper Skate

A.K.A. – Jean Valjean’s Weekend Holiday at the Work Farm

Terbeschikkingstelling – Aplastando Cráneos

Neo Geodesia – Wat Ang Ta Minh វត្តអង្គតាមិញ

There are No Birds Here – NRNNAM

PaPERHOUsE – A Constant Temptation

Meemo Comma – Reaping

Iyari – Senya

ASHTORETH – GREY MALKIN – The God in the Fields

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