If this playlist were a creature, it would be one that rarely speaks. One whose dreams rarely make sense. This creature’s voice is this playlist, brought to you by the tuned ears of Blauerosen (www.blaue-rosen.com) and Jointweird (www.instagram.com/jointweird/) who can find beauty in the most disquieting of places. A playlist for dusk – it will reveal the most well-hidden charms of darkness…Make your poison and join us!

MOBY – Lift Me Up, Reprise (Deutsche Grammofon, May 2021)
The Real Tuesday Weld – What Happens Next?, Blood (Antique Beat, May 2021)
Justin Sullivan – Unforgiven, Surrounded (Attack Attack, May 2021)
Band of Holy Joy – That Magic Thing, Dreams Take Flight (Tiny Global Productions, May 2021)
No Future Kids – Only When I’m Wasted, If Punk Wasn’t Already Dead It Certainly Is Now (smikkelbaard, May 2021)
FACS – Mirrored, Present Tense (Trouble In Mind, May 2021)
VEIK – Château Guitar, Debut album: Surrounding Structures (Fuzz Club Records, May 2021)
Cult of Dom Keller – Lyssa, Last King of Hell (Fuzz Club Records, May 2021)
Dordeduh – În vieliștea uitării, Har (Prophecy Productions, May 2021)
VOLA – These Black Claws (feat. SHAHMEN), Witness (Mascot Records , May 2021)
Riotmiloo – 4 Women, Compilation: Black Is The New Black (Furnace Records , May 2021)
HIDE – Price of Life, Interior Terror (Dais Records , May 2021)
CONJECTURE – Atlas, Hydra ( Zoharum, May 2021)
μ-Ziq – Blakers Loops, Scurlage (Analogical Force , May 2021)
BLVCK CEILING – Jewelry, EP: Slow Drive (1035718 Records DK, May 2021)
ESA – I Detach, EP: I Detach (Negative Gain Productions, May 2021)
Kirlian Camera – Cold Pills, Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak) (Dependent, May 2021)
Solomun – Kreatur Der Nacht (feat.Isolation Berlin), Nobody Is Not Loved (BMG, May 2021)
Broken Nails – Never Let Go, Chamber Glare (SwissDarkNights, May 2021)
Nox Novacula – Victim, Debut album: Ascension (Bat-Cave Productions, May 2021)
Byronic Sex&Exile – The Witch, Yorkshire Gothic (Goth City Records, May 2021)
Daniel Davies – The Bomber, EP: Spies (Sacred Bones Records, May 2021)
Mansur – Pasiphae, Minotaurus (Denovali Records, May 2021)
Fatima Al Qadiri – Malaak, Medieval Femme (Hyperdub, May 2021)
Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell – Deshta (Forever), Burn (Hyperdub, May 2021)