What does it take for your mind to start haunting trips into unknown areas with no easily spotted exit points? What is it that grounds you to the ‘here’ and ‘now’ like an anchor against strong displacing winds? And once IN there, do you dare to dance? Do you dare to dream? Follow the screams, feel the loud vibrating chords, raise a glass to anything and anyone you want to send your love to in times of peace but especially in times of war. Happy birthday my darling!

Blauerosen / Jointweird – May 2021

If this playlist were a creature, it would be one that rarely speaks. One whose dreams rarely make sense. This creature’s voice is this playlist, brought to you by the tuned ears of Blauerosen and Jointweird who can find beauty in the most disquieting of places. A playlist for dusk – it will reveal the most well-hidden charms of darkness…Make your poison and join us!