What does it take for your mind to start haunting trips into unknown areas with no easily spotted exit points? What is it that grounds you to the ‘here’ and ‘now’ like an anchor against strong displacing winds? And once IN there, do you dare to dance? Do you dare to dream? Follow the screams, feel the loud vibrating chords, raise a glass to anything and anyone you want to send your love to in times of peace but especially in times of war. Happy birthday my darling!

Trepaneringsritualen – Besvärjelse VI: Åderlåtning, Beta Ænigma (March 2022, Self-released )
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – No Time Like The Present (La Fleur Du Mal), EP: La Fleur Du Mal (March 2022, Out of Line)
Ashinoa – Vermillion, L’orée (March 2022, FUZZ Club Records)
Alone In The Hollow Garden – Nāda, Kāla (March 2022, Self-released)
The Nest – Le Feu, Her True Nature (March 2022, Ván Records)
MWWB – Strontium, The Harvest (March 2022, New Heavy Sounds)
Kevin Devine – Laurel Leaf (Anhedonia), Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong (March 2022, Triple Crown Records)
PLACEBO – Happy Birthday In The Sky, Never Let Me Go (March 2022, SO Recordings)
Dear Deer – Deux, Collect and Reject (March 2022, Manic Depression Records)
Xotox – Popcorn, – (March 2022, Infacted Recordings)
VR SEX – Walk of Fame, Rough Dimension (March 2022, Dais Records)
Tout Debord – Plus loin, Tout est débordé (March 2022, )
Sexblood – Holodomor, Teach Me To Cry (March 2022, SWISSDARKNIGHTS)
Rue Oberkampf – Lou et Noah, Liebe (March 2022, Young and Cold Records)
Monsieur Crane – Le Stress, Apocalypse (March 2022, TONN Recordings)
Kavinsky – Trigger, Reborn (March 2022, Virgin)
BLVCK CEILING – Paradox, Tunnels (March 2022, Self-released )
Conjecture – Pollice Verso, A Lance For A Glorious End (March 2022, Self-released)
MAGAM – The Numbers…, 22022022 (March 2022, Thirsty Leaves Music)
The Lovecraft Sextet – Embrace The Void, Nights of Lust (March 2022, Denovali Records)
Arab Strap – Flutter, EP: Aphelion/Flutter (March 2022, Rock Action Records)