Emma ushers in the summer with hippies, folk, Turkish psych, some very long instrumentals and the winner of our Eurovision as a Dare contest.

Alien Tango -Sexy Time (Isla Bonita, 2017)

Spice Mouse – Pockets

Abuses – Say Something

Qween Paz – Song for Alexa ( I Still Care )

Bell Lungs – Seabirds Calling


Gildas Brugaro – Cloudbuster

Aragorn23 – Feedback study #2 – After Electricity

Hang in Balance – Wandering Pixie Gypsy Life

Pete Murphy – TOXIC sNAILS

Xiu Xiu – Ice Cream Truck

Mark Waldron-Hyden – Ocelot

Beyaz Kelebekler – Yogurt Koydum Dolaba

The Owl Service – She Moves Through the Fair

Tasos Stamou – Vasiliki

Acidburp – Hello Again

R’may – Leur dire

Sunplus – Young Bun

Ed Dowie – Under the Waves

Nancy Wallace – Jack Hall

Dogs versus Shadows – You Are Here