Here at Tak Tent HQ we are thrilled to be joined from Mexico by Red Social, who show us the way with an almighty live set full of wonderful riffs, crescendos and soundscapes. You can find out more about Red Social Collective here! >

Harry Everett Smith was a visual artist, experimental filmmaker, record collector,
bohemian, mystic, largely self-taught anthropology student, and neo-gnostic bishop.
Smith was an important figure on the Beat Generation scene in New York City, and his
activities, such as the use of mind-altering substances and an interest in esoteric
spirituality, anticipated aspects of the hippie movement. (bio source Wikipedia)

Precursors to music videos, many of Smith’s animations were made to be musicalized by
jazz musicians. We chose Harry Smith specifically for the delicateness, colorfulness and
beauty of his rhythmic early animations. For the program Actualidades LIVE no. 2, we
experiment with the re-musicalization of Harrry Smith’s animations as a homage to his
fantastic legacy.

This selection of Harry Smith’s videos by Michele Fiedler (EUA-PR) were re-musicalized
by Gibrán Andrade (MX), Jarret Gilgore (EUA), Concepción Huerta (MX), Hector Tosta
de la Rosa (VE) in Mexico City, a Red Social production in June 2021, live-streamed on and youtube.

Actualidades LIVE, title of the program was taken from the work Actualities, 2021 by
Emanuel Rossetti presented in the first edition. The music and video selection is a
collaboration in between Michele Fiedler, Mabe Fratti, Adriana Lara.

For more info contact IG @redsocial___ o correo: