Keep the heid! Keep the heid! Keep the heid! Featuring Greenhead College Experimental Composition Group (who have been working with Richard Youngs), Richard Skelton, MJ Guider and Yellow6.

Richard Skelton – Ghē Releasement, Four Workings (Aeolian Editions, 2021)

Greenhead College Experimental Composition Group, Greenhead College – Composition of elements (Bandcamp, 2021)

Kelly James Wyse – Ballade, Pastoralia (self-release, 2021)

Loscil – Lumina, Clara (Kranky, 2021)

MJ Guider – Kyrie: The Stained Glass Windows in Their Original Order, Temporary Requiem8 (Modemain, 2021)

Yellow6 – End in Sight, for the first and last (Somewhere Cold Records, 2021)