Songs about cryptic characters. Songs about dried posies. Songs of despair. Slow-burning torch songs. Songs about mortality. Songs about passionate sadness. Songs of bitterness. Songs about collapses. Songs about endings. Songs for friends. Songs on fire. Songs about rising and falling … and the wickedness of daring to dream when there is no glimpse of light!

Whispering Sons – Dead End, Several Others ([PIAS], June 2021)
Astari Nite – Single: Pocket Full of Posies, (Negative Gain Productions, June 2021)
Mortal Boy – Passion Dance, Tears & Puppies ( 790436 Records DK, June 2021)
Opera Multi Steel – Cimeterre, D’ Une Pierre Deux Tombes (Meidosem Records/Wave Records, June 2021)
HOROLOGIUM – Cantico, Carmina Contagionis (Ur Muzik, June 2021)
Amenra – De Evenmens, De Doorn (Relapse Records, June 2021)
Coaltar – Criteria, EP: Alas (Self-released, June 2021)
Night Haze – Misbehave, EP: Serial Dreamer (Self-released, June 2021)
Eerie Sopor – Where Plague And Tears Blossom, EP: The Plague That Lingers On The Plains ( Werkstatt Recordings, June 2021)
Der Kätterska Fӧrbund – Sacred Grounds, Lidaverken -Del 1: Att I Vådeld Fӧrgås (Cold Spring, June 2021)
Contagious Orgasm – , EP: through the cracks of entrapment ( ant-zen, June 2021)
Anatoly Grinberg and Andreas Davids – nuclear chillout, silence + noise ( ant-zen, June 2021)
Daniel Avery – Endless Hours, Together in Static (Phantasy Sound, June 2021)
Distortion Six – collapse, skade (ant-zen, June 2021)
Dead Bandit – Handsome Willie, From The Basement (Quindi Records, June 2021)
Blak Saagan – Lettera Da Via Massimi, Se Ci Fosse La Luce Sarebbe Bellissimo (Maple Death Records, June 2021)
BLVCK CEILING – Watching The World Burn, Death Valley (Polycoffin, June 2021)
Kontrolle – Mein Platz bleibt leer, Zwei (Holy Goat Records, June 2021)
Ponys auf Pump – Kleine Maus, Wirt schon wieder (Phantom Records, June 2021)
Taqbir – Aisha Qandisha, Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause (La Vida Es Un Mus, June 2021)
Qlowski – Lentil Soup, Quale Futuro? (Maple Death Records, June 2021)
Folly Group – Fewer Closer Friends, EP: Awake And Hungry (So Young Records, June 2021)
White Flowers – Help Me Help Myself, Day By Day (Tough Love Records, June 2021)
Chris Eckman – Cabin Fever, Where The Spirit Rests (Glitterhouse Records, June 2021)
Lowpines – Rising/Falling, Sun Down Over The East River Shore (Adventure Club Records, June 2021)
Stars And Rabbit – Misty Garden, On Different Days (Trapped Animal, June 2021)