Imagine finding yourselves in an abandoned fairground where all the equipment swings sideways slowly as the wind blows, imagine the stillness and the feeling of disquiet…and now imagine somebody wrote a soundtrack for all that, the landscape and its emotional output.
Prepare yourselves as you wish for the longest playlist of the year, the creepiest sounds and some added poetic weirdness by Jointweird who were possessed by something otherworldly and answer questions famous songs have posed in their titles!
You’ll need more than one poison for this one dear darklings!

Auchterturra High Jinks – Slow Notes, Low Doses

New High Jinks features no less than three tracks from Blackford Hill Transmissions Vol 1, out on Blackford Hill in April. It’s a substantial 2 CDs of really excellent tracks and highly recommended. Profits from the release go to Shelter. Some great forthcoming releases from 12th Isle, Denovali, Gizeh Records are also in the mix alongside new work from Daniel Avery and Kevin Richard Martin.