Bagging Area began as a music blog in 2010 and Adam Turner has been ploughing that antiquated musical furrow ever since, with daily posts and pictures. Bagging Area’s Find The President mix looks for the joins between ambient, found sounds, drones and noise, Two Lone Swordsmen, 80s Factory, Eno and Byrne and Snake Plissken.

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A Man Called Adam: Easter Song Gospel Oak FX/ Speaking In Tongues

Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini: Interrupted By The Cloud of Light

Glok: Pulsing (Citadel Ambient Version)

Jan van den Broeke: Memories

Jan van den Broke: Who Is Still Dreaming?

Stephen Legget: Still

Richard Norris: Water

Rick Cuevas: The Birds

Durutti Column: Bordeaux Sequence

Calexico: Untitled (Two Lone Swordsmen Virus Style Mix)

Brian Eno and David Byrne: The Jezebel Spirit

Maurice & Charles: I, Carpenter

Two Lone Swordsmen: Smokebelch (For Ali)

Daniel Avery: TBW17