High Jinks features some domestic tension from Keeley Forsyth’s forthcoming ‘Photograph’ EP (Out Nov 20th), pastoral ambience from Bhajan Bhoy’s new ‘That Summer oh Creator!’ EP and some motorised instrumentation from the workshop of Pierre Bastien.

Bill Orcutt – The World Without Me, Bill Orcutt (Palilalia Records, 2017)

Bhajan Bhoy – Pinecone, That Summer Oh Creator! EP (Wormer Brothers Records, 2020)

Pierre Bastien – Oho, Blue as an Orange (Morphine Records, 2015)

Darren J Holloway – The Dreamer’s Haze, Salt Heart (via Bandcamp, 2020)

Keeley Forsyth – Photograph, Photograph EP (The Leaf Label, 2020)

Christoph El Truento – Clouds, Foraging (via Bandcamp, 2019)

Heinali – Fade (via Bandcamp, 2011)

Two Lone Swordsmen – Rotting Hill Carnival, Tiny Reminders (Warp Records, 2000)

Cru Servers – Incubation on Ram Skins, Blubber Tottem (12th Isle, 2017)