Are you ‘doing hugs’ yet? We are. A warm sonic snuggle to get you through the strange new social landscape. 

Darren J. Holloway – Richard’s Home
Monsieur Pompier’s Travelling Freakshow – Micky Mould
Etrusco Unico – Time
Stan Blade – Cupid
Tripod Sardine – Berlin 87
BEACHERS – All Houses Are Haunted pt3
BIPED – قاوم لِوجودك Pigs – Other Apes
Burhan Tonguç Ritim Grubu & Ismet Sıral – Buzlu Cam
Kaboom Karavan – Kartoon Kannibal
Swine – Grim Alchemists and Rusty Angels
GOATS – Goatlover
Wave Debb – Ground Source Heat Pump
Andrew Woodhead – Partials II ALBUM OF THE FORTNIGHT
Mark S Williamson (Spaceship) – The Sauna Must Be Booked At Least 24 Hours In Advance
Ada Milea – Iepurii (Rabbit & Hare)
Dogs versus Shadows – You Are Here

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