Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson is back from the summer holidays to bring you Australian Disco, vintage Belgian Hi NRG and some wonky German Techno too.

Edith Bliss – Midnight (Papagayo, 1980)

oneeyedman – Good Morning, Spring Morning (Dalmata Daniel, 2021)

Featureless Ghost – Know-U (Night People, 2012)

Georges Rodi – Hell’s Angels (Mondiophone, 1974)

The Body Electric – You Left Me Waiting (Jayrem, 1983)

Steve Moore – Eigengrau (L.I.E.S., 2019)

Bendall’s Box – Nightmares (Circus, 1981)

Arif Cooper – Good Vybe (Chrome, 2021)

Kangding Ray – Plateau (Plateau (A Single Source Of Truth) (Raster-Noton, 2012)

ZYX – Bad Manners (OK Musica, 1981)  

DJ Maaco – Activate Your Feet (RotterHague, 2018)

Trevor T. – Danger (ChanneL, 1984)

Mono Junk – You’re Mine Tonight (Forbidden Planet, 2019)

Image: Ben Robinson – The Apotheosis of Maggie Broon, animation still 2018
Edited by Andrew Low / Assisted by Scott Hudson
Spring School 2018 is delivered as part of the ST/ART Project partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts. ST/ART is an Arts and Stroke project run by Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust and supported by NHS Tayside.