A dance to death by a songbird in boghz as it navigates the world in a year of no light! It is flying through urban places best left to rot together with their self-defying, self-loathing inhabitants. It only stops momentarily when it hears a heart beating fast in agony. It only takes off again whenthe sorrow reaches manageable levels. The sound it creates when it flaps its wings is only audible to creatures looking for sonic disquiet. Can you hear it? Can you bear it?
Blauerosen + Jointweird

Mix your ‘poison’ and join us!

Peter Gundry – To Death We Dance (Salem’s Heir, 2021)
Label : Hidden Love Studios

King Woman – Boghz (Celestial Blues, 2021)
Label : Relapse Records

Kaoganai/Audiorcist – Little Boy (4GiveMe, 2021)
Label : deathbed tapes

Fuzzy Lights – Songbird (Burials, 2021)
Label : Meadows

TEATRE – Trys (Priešistorè, 2021)

Year of No Light – Alètheia (Consolamentum, 2021)
Label: Pelagic Records

Urbandoned – Only Heartache (Single, 2021)

Naturata Brutalismus – La Ruptura De La Gravedad (Naturata Brutalismus, 2021)
Label : Bat-cave Productions

Old Moon – Chains of Sleep (Altars, 2021)

Incirrina/The Man & His Failures – The Man & His Failures – Devastations (Devastations/R.Daneel, 2021)
Label: Smash Records

The Wind-Ups – Polyanna Pessimist (Try Not To Think, 2021)
Label: Mt. St. Mtn. Records

A Place To Bury Strangers – I Might Have (EP: Hologram, 2021)
Label: Dedstrange

Tolga Baklacioglu – The Slayer’s Hand (Blood Breeds Blood, 2021)
Label: Khemia Records

ANIKA – Naysayer (Change, 2021)​
Label : Sacred Bones Records

Dark Stir – Femme augmentée (Absolu Relativ, 2021)
Label : Rave Flowers Records

Beat Noir Deluxe – The Chauffeur Feat. Jack Smai (Werk Zwei, 2021)

Piroshka – Loveable (Love Drips& Gathers, 2021)
Label : Bella Union

The KVB – The World On Fire (Single, 2021)

Cheap Violent Cats – 25,000 Gallons of Paranoia (EP: Keep ‘Em Peeled, 2021)
Label : Solo Associates Gramophonic Collective