More High Jinks featuring new material from Abrasive Trees, Polyhymns, Forest Robots, Eamon the Destroyer and Divide and Dissolve.

Cecilia Tyrrell – Sirens Dawn (self-release, 2021)

Factor X / AMK – Headlingnoise One, Schesis (SPH TAPES, 1992)

Abrasive Trees – Before, Now You Are Not Here EP (Shapta, 2021)

Flexagon – Forms In Space (Bandcamp, 2020)

Forest Robots – A Latitude Often Changes Character But Not Position, Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning (Emmasierra Songs and Wormhole World Records, 2021)

Polyhymns – I Wake Up

Eamon the Destroyer – My Drive, My Drive / Silver Shadow (Bearsuit Records, 2021)

Beak> – Wulfstan, Wulfstan EP (Bandcamp, Re-released 2020)

Nardis – For Breakfast, Songs in the Key of O (Glass House Records, 2020)

Divide and Dissolve – Oblique, Gas Lit (Invada Records, 2021)

Richard Youngs – Fifth Text, Six Texts (No Fans Records, 2020)