Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson brings you Hi-NRG, oodles of Minimal Synth and for the ladies, some feral gore feminism too.

Image: Ben Robinson – The Apotheosis of Maggie Broon, animation still 2018
Edited by Andrew Low / Assisted by Scott Hudson
Spring School 2018 is delivered as part of the ST/ART Project partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts. ST/ART is an Arts and Stroke project run by Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust and supported by NHS Tayside.

Wow – Bring On The Man (Bellaphon, 1984)
Interstellar Funk – The Strips (Berceuse Heroique, 2016)
Autumus – Your Blue Eyes (Something Cold, 2012)
Cosmic Force – I Know Your Facebook (New Flesh, 2019)
Dollkraut – Wie Ein (Slow) Groupie (Viewlexx, 2021)
Staccato du Mal – Lost Image (Wierd, 2011)
Danton’s Voice – I Hear The Bells (Climax Productions, 1985)
Antoni Maiovvi – Music Makes A Good Pet (J.A.M. Traxx, 2013)
League of Nations – Systematic Eyes (Taursus, 1982)
Superdude – Face The Music (Ace, 1983)
Le Syndicat Électronique – Sur la Route (Invasion Planète, 2005)
Adrenalin M.O.D. – Ecstasy (Wherever You May Be) (MCA, 1988)
Ronce – Voids (The Death Of Rave, 2021)

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