Emma tries to stay chipper in the face of bad news, with tributes to TQN-aut and Misphonia and a bundle of exciting new releases.


Santa Sprees – Fanfare For Tonsils – Fell In The Well
Tuna Pase – Gece Treni
The Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada – Rock Encounter
Golden Q – Soixante litres d’eau
e & H (eleOnora + Richard Thompson) – Live at Ce, Riga (27-04-19) – Pt I
AJDTW – Can Be
Jules – Circuit Flash (Tarquin’s Anthem)
TSR2 – Chunky Bits
Territorial Gobbing vs Derek Piotr – GABRIEL’S TRUMPET
Chelsea Hare – coming off
Claude & Ola – Interstice
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – From Dusseldorf To Cologne
Guttersnipe – Loaded From Vector Trap
SWAN MEAT – blood echo – wraith
Big Lad – Big Juggernaut Rave Party
Adrian Lane – The train on Prospero’s Island
Tennis Coats – Stone Recycle
555 Sounds – Ego death, format translation in every simultaneous language; opus pocus, a fine-tooth granular comb for selected strands of time
Patrick R. Pärk – Pale Mote Remnants
Deplasticoverde –  Tarea de inglés
Amy Cutler – by the time I got to canada water it wasn’t canada water anymore
Bantou Mentale – The Forest Meets the Disco Queen
FEYXUAN – Oborozuki (朧月)