It’s a noisy one this time, pulling rude faces at 2021 while it’s back is turned and yet somehow chatting quite a lot about sleep apps. We never claimed to be consistent.


Big Lad 7 – Self Care is Cancelled

Orkesta Mendoza – Early In The Morning
Glove of Bones – Kitchen Sink Drama
The Modern Institute – INTUITION
Tycho Brahé, André Cheval – Italian Disco
Daughters of the Desert – Sad Company
The Doll – Jackhammer your Record Player before it jackhammers you
Lady Vendredi – What Time Is It
Sunfish Moon Light – Life in the Soil
Chelsea Hare – health service
Gomidas Band – Aleppo
The Sky flakes – She Loves Me
Gontard – Le Mensonge
Neil Campbell – One
Santa Sprees – Bereavement Office Closed Wednesday
Alice Hubble – Summer Smoke
Trembling Bells – September is the Month of Death
Hannya White – More than anything else
Sheer Zed – You Can Make a Record Baby
Infinite Bliss – Mausoleum
Walt Shaw & Michał Wojciechowski – How I Owe Chicks’ Jaws
BAG – Flower Feet
Night Recordings from Bali – Legian Minstrals
Sewnshut – Impasse
hygy hairr – Heartscape
Dan Whitehouse – Don’t Look Down
Spritzer – Beautiful Stranger