This week we’re in a good mood and hoping to spread the joy. But we also talk about what to do if your problems can’t be solved by jaunty music alone.


Lady Vendredi  – Dirty Chicken

Foxgluvv – desperately seeking susan

Space Museum – Encounters With Silicon Based Lifeforms

Naujawanan Baidar – Nagin Saaz

Dark Joy – Jacuzzi Lucifer

Les Loups Noirs – Pele Rien

Ashtray Navigations – The Case

Mamer – Improv 1

The Tumbledryer Babies – September 1971

Graham Dunning – Terminal Crimping Machine

Wóma – Three Drones (Two)

Flavigula – Malý Brožka Byl Chirurg

Vanessa Pettendorfer & Malady of Knots – Inner Depth

The Owl – Once The Dust Settles, We Can Calmly Proceed

Road To Saturn – 02 Live at Ce, Riga (27-04-19) – Pt II

Bertie Marshall – Sang Sang

Ergo Phizmiz – Let’s Get Ready to Rhumba

John Butcher – 2 tuesday : for N.J.P.

Old Apparatus – Patter

Pharoah Sanders – hamdouchi