Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson is back to bring you Hi NRG, brutal sheets of Harsh Noise and some deep arcane Dutch tape recordings as well.

Image: Ben Robinson – The Apotheosis of Maggie Broon, animation still 2018
Edited by Andrew Low / Assisted by Scott Hudson
Spring School 2018 is delivered as part of the ST/ART Project partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts. ST/ART is an Arts and Stroke project run by Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust and supported by NHS Tayside.

Three Of You – New Life (MVD Rec., 1988)

Half A Twin – Arbeitstitel (IDIO[T]PHONE, 2021)

Broken English Club – They Burned The Villages (L.I.E.S., 2021)

Incredible Coöp – Flowers (Top Tape, 1987)

Beta Evers – Skin-Tight (Bodyvolt, 2016)

Sachi Kobayashi – Imaginary Trip Begins (Enmossed, 2021)

Stranger Station – Minutes to Silence (Superwop, 1981)

Body 11 – Hearts (Cash For Trash, 1988)

Koova – Hyperion (Robodisco, 2009)

Dollkraut – Bruce Wayne (Charlois, 2015)

Astaire – Love Trap (Passion, 1984)

Ron Morelli & Krikor Kouchian – Wandering In The Fog (Undercover, 2021)