Another hour of music from the Bagging Area shelving units, old and new, instrumental and sung- some post- punk guitar heroics, some instrumental and ambient sounds, some dub, some folk and some end of night Balearic bliss.

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Durutti Column: Sketch For Dawn I

Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood: The Crescent

David Holmes and Steve Jones: The Reiki Healer From County Down

Reinhard Vanbergen and Reinhard Roelandt: Amber Amplifier

Steve Cobby: 45ft Tide

Nick Drake: Rider On The Wheel

Saint Etienne: Little K

One Dove: Breakdown (Squire Black Dove Rides Out)

David Holmes: Theme/ I.M.C.

A Mountain Of One: Custards Last Stand

10:40 Kissed Again

Ry Cooder: Cancion Mixteca (Paris Texas Soundtrack)