Emma finally pays tribute to Lee Perry, presents some new releases and points a spotlight at her local scene.

Void Sigil – 〒⑃◁≣ – 10 ტ強ޑ‎꯳≣꧕i
YNO – neko

Crook Peak – Leafblower

Lee Scratch Perry – Kentucky Skank

Andrea Ferraris & Matteo Uggeri – Friend sleeping, people swimming in the pool, doors, workout and water bottles

Golden Q – Écrans

Flavigula – Namodralý Opar

Peaches – Pussy Mask

Edø Pistø Sømi – anorthic

The Cradle – New Organ

Daphne X – Halo Dragon

AL_X – Here Before

Rodney Cromwell – Memory Box

Gabriel Ahkmad Marin –  Ruminate

Phillip Frobos – Inflatable Flamingo

Pete Murphy – Little Lizardy Man

Nick Hudson – The Ballad Of K69996 Roma

Milky Genes – Shin Splints

The Ears Of Xeno Group – One In 5

Adrian Lane – Naviar Virtual IX live set (excerpt)

Rorquals – Epiales

La Befana – naiad , fragment of a host