The Magic Window, brought to you by Letters from Mouse, is nothing but consistent – here we bring 2 more hours of downtempo, electronic music for your listening pleasure, including tracks this month from Suncastle, Chelsea Hare, Memory Scale and Eonlake. Bubbling Analogue Synthesis.


Chelsea Hare – Samsara
Black Channels – In The Mouth Of The Night
Andrew Wasylyk – Magpie Spring
Memory Scale – Standing In The Field
Hardwired – Cert Egg
Building A Building – Horizons Cut Through Horizons
Eonlake – Memories Of Earth
I Was Listening To Tapes In Tokyo – Dad
Letters From Mouse – Buttercup
Tripp Shrubb – Mammes Lutket Aum
Suncastle – Jimunosi
Violet Mist – Ultraviolence
Salvatore Mercatante – Multiple Machines