Women & Children First & Last as the hour long mix starts and ends with tracks by an early 00’s French band called Women & Children. In between their tracks is all new music by female artists, solo and band leaders – I hope you dig this fresh Skylarking groove.

Women & Children – Today To Die
Eylül Deniz – Rubyat
Joee Mejias – Tulog Na
aya – Tailwind
Dana Gavanski – Letting Go
Brigid Mae Power – Mother In The Sky
Laure Boer – Constellations
Nubia Garcia – La cumbia me estaÌ llamando (Suricata Remix)
Josephine Foster – Guardian Angel
Mess Esque – Beneath the Rain
Maxine Funke –  Blyton Rock
Lucy Gooch – Orthione
Monokultr – Inget Att Bry Sig Om
Women & Children – Day Four