A trans and non-binary special in honour of Trans Day of Remembrance and in acknowledgement of how much trans and NB folk are having to face right now. Solidarity is vital.  


Triss – Self Made Woman
Blood Of Aza, Waterflower – Too Many Times (DEMO)
MowMowMow – A Rat Wedding Song
holidaykiss – roman
(Eli)zabeth Owens – Oversoon
Slum of Legs – I Dream of Valves Exploding
June Jones – Motorcycle
SuperKnova – Glitter and Blood
A-C Repair School – Eu Nunca Fui O Melhor Amigo Dos Meus Melhores Amigos
Kai Nobuko – Them Against Them
all cats are beautiful – u c right thru me like a windowpane
T-Bitch – Coming Out
chamington – ANIMALS
Patrick Samuel – Ghost Land
Cam Franklin – Moon Song
Peea – Plastiph0r
Mattie Konig – Little Moomins
Checkout Chick ft. Furchick – Next Available Register
Lotic – bulletproof
hotttrottt –  low(er)
Shamir – Make A Scene
AnnaOtta –  Bulgarian
Citizen Scientist – I’ve
TRNSGNDR-VHS – Fighting in the Suburbs