Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson returns to bring you Algerian rhythms, Minimal Synth and some Italo curios too.


Johnny Voorbogt – Planet One (Monopole, 1980)

Bab – EQ (AM, 2020)

Human Puppets – Chords Of Minore (Hertz-Schrittmacher, 2006)

cerrot – left and right (трип, 2022)

The Connection Machine – Evilish Cosmos (U-Trax, 1993)

Smackos – The Self Sacrifice Of Irena Karlstein (Strange Life, 2004)

Sleep Museum – Street (BloodLust!, 2006)

Kaa Antilope – Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird (VPRO, 1982)

Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2262030 (AP Musik, 2022)

Hildegard – Satanicamente (Flemming Dalum Edit) (Mothball, 2015)

Qamat is-sa’atu – Down Spiral Staircase Into Catacombs (Detriti, 2018)

Image: Ben Robinson – The Apotheosis of Maggie Broon, animation still 2018
Edited by Andrew Low / Assisted by Scott Hudson
Spring School 2018 is delivered as part of the ST/ART Project partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts. ST/ART is an Arts and Stroke project run by Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust and supported by NHS Tayside.